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    Problem solving
  9. To download a build of addons you will need: ArmA3Sync License copy Arma 3 on Steam Internet Autoconfig for ArmA3Sync: ftp://download.hardmodegames.ru/.a3s/autoconfig Reserve FTP for ArmA3Sync(entered manually): Address: Port: 21 Login: ftpuser1r Password: aiK8aesu After downloading and installing ArmA3Sync, we do everything in the following order: 1.Check whether the directory of Arma is correctly specified (if not, click on the plus sign and correct this moment) 2. Go to the tab Repositories and add a new one by clicking on the plus sign. 3. Enter the data shown above. (This is an example on manual input) 4. We go into the repository, press a check button, select the checkbox marked with a folder and click play. 5. After downloading everything, go to the add-ons tab and click on the modsets. 6. We tick off the HMG and click OK. 7. Fill in the data to enter the server in the online tab. 8. We select in the Join server HMG tab, configure additional parameters as in the screenshot, specify the path to the launch shortcut and press the start of the game.
  10. HardMode Games - a constantly evolving project, dedicated to serious games on the Arma 3 game platform. We are trying to reproduce really existed and existing military conflicts (the Civil War in Syria, Yogoslavia, Iraq, the Chechen campaigns, the invasion of Panama, etc.). HMG deliberately refers to the setting of our time (1980-2018), because only through real knowledge, using copies of real weapons, existed situations and sensations from gameplay. Today we try to bring into the game new interesting opportunities and non-standard game tasks, that will be challenge for the players. The main pillaris of HardMode Games are: discipline, authenticity, tactics and the desire for realism. We believe that every squad can show a high degree pf preparedness and give the maximum gaming experience for everyone. HardMode games will be an interesting choice for those who want to simulate real combat clashes, save their lives and return to their hameland, but to fulfill the task, because otherwise the homeland will cease to exist. More details about the features of the project can be found on the official forum. Time of games: Tusday 16.30 UTC - 17.00 UTC - The decision of organizational questions; 17.00 UTC - 17.15 UTC - Placement on the slots; 17.15 UTC - Start the games; 17.15 UTC - 17.45 YTC - Briefing / Freeztime. Wednesday 16.30 UTC - 17.00 UTC - The decision of organizational questions; 17.00 UTC - 17.15 UTC - Placement on the slots; 17.15 UTC - Start the games; Sunday 14.30 UTC - 15.00 UTC - The decision of organizational questions; 15.00 UTC - 15.15 UTC - Placement on the slots; 15.15 UTC - Start the games; 15.15 UTC - 15.35 YTC - Briefing / Freeztime. The address of the game server: server.hardmodegames.ru:2302 The address of the TeamSpeak 3: hardmodegames.ru
  11. А так же починить спектатор, чайка набирающая скорость как отечественный автопром это треш.